Saturday, June 1, 2013


     Mama hen went 'broody'.  Her behavior changed from walking around the yard with the other chickens to sitting in the nest box.  For twenty-one days, she sat in the nest box, keeping eggs warm and turning them.  When she did leave the coop, another chicken took her place.  This happened rarely, this was her purpose.  For twenty-one days she sat on eight eggs.
       The evening of Sunday, May 26th there was barely audible peeping coming from her nest.  I did not lift her up to see, but said good night and went to bed so excited for what morning would bring.

  As the early morning light brightened the sky, mama hen let me lift her warm body to reveal what she had brought into this world: three fuzzy, strong chicks.  I lowered her down and watched as her belly feathers enveloped their tiny lives.  After we milked the cows I took the chicks and placed them in their new home, a cardboard box with clean straw and a bright, warm light bulb.
      It is difficult to reconcile this action.  We are asking the chickens to be in relationship with us, to leave their mama and travel to the 'city'.  They cannot say no, yet they participate in this relationship with vigor, bringing us much joy.   I vow to take excellent care of the chicks, to provide them with the highest quality of life possible.

This vow and my actions that fulfill it, this is all I can offer that mama hen for her precious gift.  The gift of three precious beings that teach and share and participate in a new and glorious relationship with their humble humans.
thank you mama hen