Monday, January 18, 2016

Shades of Green

I intend to die in this place.  When I say die, it means something different to me now then it used to.  I intend to leave my physical body and joyfully transition back to where I came from.  Where mateo came from.
miguel and I and mateo were walking up to the hill in late December  and miguel commented about the
Shades of Green in these trees.  He and his family planted these trees years ago.   I love to soak up the joy he exudes when he speaks of the impact they have made on the farm.    And Audrey.  He speaks of his daughter and how the ducks on the swamp right now are most likely descended from the ducks she chose.  The ones that could fly.
Intending to die in a certain place may be similar to people who say they are going to live with another human for the rest of their lives.  They commit to each other and expect to live together until one of them dies.  I am married to this land, this farm, this place on earth.
Until my 'death' do us part.  It is nice to know who will go first...

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