Tuesday, September 24, 2019

bee sting

      As we become closer to nature, wisdom will flow and life will become easier.  There may be no need for emergencies.  We will live in and truly inhabit a place on earth.  All the creatures and unseen forces will become as extensions of our own physical bodies.  Our humanness will melt into the natural world and we will become part of that thriving ocean, flowing as a wave in perfect place with all the other waves.  
Imagine:  humans in a garden, gathering fruits, receiving an abundant harvest from mother earth.  One human notices some beings communicating.  BBZZzzzzzzz… Their home has been stepped on, made part of a foot path.  Maybe someone hears the buzzing with real ears or sees the bright yellow with real eyes.  Another one could feel the message clearly, look up from her work and tell others, choose a different path.  Our friends request that their home remain undisturbed.  We all greet the beings and appreciate sharing this beautiful place, our home.  A new path is flattened from the large, ripe pumpkins to the waiting wagon.  The day is sunny and bright.  

How we are still learning to live connected to mother earth:  a human walks along a path, intent on the harvest.  Hand feels sudden, intense pain while heart senses aggression in the sting.  Human expresses offense, takes personal offense at being stung “for nothing”, all while feet continue forward over the path.  Another human immediately knows and offers that those creatures live in the ground, suggesting an acceptable explanation for the painful hand.  And then failure.  She becomes focused on silently criticizing the offended one, and a small human walks along the path.  
There is no reason to explain anything now.  Just hold the crying child, return to the house with square walls.  Comfort and reassure while the pain is endured.  I can see how people feel confident when they are good at responding to human emergencies.  It requires focus and can bring calm because the responder is now connected to universal knowledge and simply receiving instructions.  What I strive for now is to live in a peaceful way with nature.  To receive instructions from the earth and from all the creatures.  The moment it was known that our path crossed the bees home the child could have been brought in to that new understanding.  Time spent observing buzzing concentrated above their home.  Celebrating our new relationship, grateful for their warning.  Appreciation to the one who “took one for the team”, helping us see, take a different path.   

When we spend time in the garden we are entering an ecosystem that can demand careful attention.  As my mind quiets with its own sad habits it will learn to listen to and enjoy the chorus of love and celebration that surrounds.  The child is fine.  He handled it well.  But what if we lived in a way that honored all creatures?  We will slowly continue to see ourselves here as equal to all creatures.  Not even equal because that may suggest separateness.  I want to live in the flow and just be basking in the gorgeous creation all the time.  Bee sting was a dynamic lesson and I feel much appreciation for this clarity.  

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