Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I'm glad that you know what you want.

     Friends of ours gave a toy to Mateo the other day.  They showed the toy to me first and asked if it was ok, which was nice.  It was not anything I would ever buy for him but I don’t buy him much anyways.  I know that we each create our own reality and that he is a powerful creator.  If he wants a certain toy, he will manifest that toy.  There are an infinite number of ways for our desires to be fulfilled.  It has been so easy being “a mom” knowing that when the child asks me for something, he is making his desire known clearly to the Infinite Universe and I don’t need to even think about what he asked for.  I can simply celebrate his clarity, celebrate that he is a being with strong desire, his desire creates expansion and that means he is moving the world forward, he is fulfilling his purpose for coming here.  I trust the Universe to listen and provide the child with what ever it is that he may need or want.  Sometimes the Universe uses me to fulfill his desire, sometimes it uses friends of ours, or a total stranger.  That is the beauty of infinity.  There are an infinite number of ways for our desires to be satisfied so I don’t even need to imagine how things will come about.  The Infinite Universe will organize things.  
     Knowing all of this for the child, I have been saying to him his entire life, “you are a powerful creator, you are good at manifesting, It’s good to know what you want, I’m glad you know what you want, I believe that will come to you and there are an infinite number of ways that it can happen”.  I wanted to get the language in early, about infinity, knowing what one wants, clarity.  I never talk about money with him.  Money works and it is part of infinity but it is a very small part of our life.  There was that natural tug in the beginning when I desperately wanted to fulfill his every desire, answer his every whim.  But it was quickly replaced by my own awe of the Universe.  From the very first times he was able to verbally ask and declare his desires, I acknowledged him and celebrated with him.  But I shifted the focus from the physical getting of the thing to the appreciation of the thing, to the joyous feeling of desire, to the eager anticipation and wonder of how the Creative Infinite Universe will bring that to you.  I think he generally responds the way any kid would, "just get it for me mom and stop talking all this woo-woo".  But his heart hears my Love and awe of the Universe.  I am celebrating the Laws of the gentle universe that we live in and his inner being recognizes that.  For sure I am not feeling guilty that I won’t go buy him that toy, so he is spared of that yuck feeling.  Tending to my own vibration in situations like these offers him the greatest gift available, he sees that my greatest priority, even over his own happiness, is my own connection to Love.  And that connection is best maintained through appreciation, not through manifestation.  Sure getting the toy is great, but the journey to the toy is the real fun.  Thinking about the toy and feeling what it will be like to have it, feeling eager for the experience of having it, trusting and letting go and knowing that the Infinite, Creative, Kind Universe will bring the toy, feeling joyful that I am alive and filled with desire, appreciating the clarity of my desire.  All of it!  

     So our friends gave him this large plastic transforming robot thing named “Grim Lock”.  Its pretty awful by my standards.  What is overwhelmingly beautiful, beyond description, is the joy Mateo expresses.  Its been days now and that toy has not left his person.  He inspects it and loves it and learns how it works and exclaims each new discovery and he hugs it and he makes it hug pastor John at church.  He demonstrates the pure appreciation of a child.  He shows me where to return to.  He helps me remember what has been covered up in my life. He helps me pull back the veil to reveal my pure appreciation, my true, Loving heart.  

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