Sunday, January 20, 2013

round pole notch

vertical post
horizontal roof support beam
angle - rafter, saddle notch onto horizontal beam
pole at bottom of photo - vertical post - no notch, flat surface.
horizontal pole - roof support beam - shallow notches below & side.
pole at top of photo - 45 d angle rafter / truss - shallow notch

detail photos of  round pole / timber frame joint in kid's cottage
notches - saw perpendicular into beam, down into log
             - pound chisel into side of log at level of bottom of saw cut depth
             - 1/2 moon (or so) shape of wood will pop out

natural building materials
:: locally available - what does each property offer?    cow manure, straw, sedge, cattails, round poles (straight trees of reasonable diameter and height for harvest)
local materials specifically adapted to local climate (inherent weather resistance, durability)
:: sustainable - minimally processed, low energy use for harvest or production, minimal consequence
of acquisition, little to no transport, rapid renewal, small scale harvest minimal impact on habitat,
ability to recycle, reuse, repurpose;  repairs / remodel generate minimal waste
:: building design based on sun observation
ex. face living roof towards south

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