Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Collected Reeds today
wear glasses, when you bend over to cut the reeds low, close to the ground
a reed end coming up out of the ground will poke you in the face
sun getting lower and lower in the sky
windy- windy -reeds bending over - blue sky
shake the really really tall reeds and watch the fluffy seeds fly away
fly away into the blue blue sky
tie the bundles, two ties
trim the tops fluff falls down
cattails growing - ground wet- snow melting
sound of traffic- busy road

 let's meetup at the permaculture hip fest in pam's basement
kuel people worthwhile film- interesting humble conversation
learning -exchanging -celebrating- supporting- pet the dog
pet the dog pet the dog

lash and frap lash and frap
clove hitch keeps it tight -knots are so useful
finger tough from twine rubbing
push the pull saw push it its a pull saw push it
easy and fast efficient

poop in the bucket poop in there poop
when its cold just poop in the bucket
wood chips- lid -simple
sturdy pretty wooden bench

kitty kitty kitty

my name is kari and i'm interning, i'm internal at the strawbale studio
this fine month of january

peace to yo mamma

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