Tuesday, July 9, 2019

old trees

I live in a wild life sanctuary, a little piece of earth that is yours as much as it is mine. I steward this wild wonderful place.

look us up on google maps 5660 & 6111 Austin Rd. Camden, MI

Opportunity for anyone interested in immediately and directly supporting the health of Lake Erie:

The St Joseph River in Michigan is part of the Lake Erie watershed. Currently this river carries significant run-off from conventionally farmed land here in South Eastern Michigan. The water carries chemicals that directly contribute to the poor health of Lake Erie.

The East fork of the West branch of the St Joseph river travels through 380 acres of land that I have been co-stewarding since 2011. This land is an informal wildlife sanctuary established in 1979.
These 380 acres naturally and sustainably filter and purify water in the river, thus directly contributing to the health of Lake Erie. The current owners of 180 acres of sanctuary land intend to sell it to local conventional farms.
This letter presents the opportunity for the land to be purchased and then allowed to continue as a sanctuary.

A simple way to directly support the health of Lake Erie is to preserve watershed land that cleans the water. The current owners desire money. There are people out there with an abundance of money. The impact on the Lake’s health is cumulative because the longer this large piece of land is allowed to remain wild, the more efficient it becomes at cleaning water that flows into Lake Erie.

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