Friday, April 24, 2020

Full hearts

I believe we are living through a time of Human Spiritual Awakening. A shift in planetary consciousness is taking place.  The farm partner watches the internet ALL day and then reports to me about what the latest happenings are.  I like to listen to his view of what is happening.  He has a wide view, he’s able to gather information from many different sources and see how all the pieces fit together.  He explains how politics and the farm industry, the health care industry, the world financial institutions, how they all work together and what all the daily changes mean.  Then, I add in a bit of Love, a touch of Beingness, the Spiritual big picture and we have a complete view of what’s occurring in our human culture right now.  Its fun.  This all takes place while the three of us are walking away from the house, down the lane, and out to the pastures to find cows.  Its about 9 am, the birds are singing, the air is fresh and we are eagerly anticipating the gallon - plus of milk that Ms. Clarity gives us each morning.  
The other morning we got to a place in the conversation where farm partner described what we are headed for as Anarchy.  He described a culture where each person is in control the themselves, no one takes orders from anyone.  I countered with the idea that yes that sounds good, especially with the idea that we are transforming spiritually and soon, each human will be consciously connected to the Universal Infinite Source of Love and so will be following their own personal inspiration that flows from this.  He offered the term Oligarchy then, saying that a King would rule everything and each person would be under that King.  I tried to doge around the masculine language and get a gender neutral term in there or at least the word Queen.  Mateo, the four year old summed up what we were saying.  
Humans are evolving spiritually and we are leaning how to gain energy from the Universal Infinite Source of Love.  This is God.  God is pure Love.  So we will all be connected to God and receiving our personal inspiration from the King.  We live on mother earth, the Queen.   Pure Love flows from the King to the Queen and as we walk on the earth, it flows up from the earth and into our hearts.  That is what our new earth looks like.  Humans touching their mother with their physical bodies and receiving energy that moves their life forward.  
People don’t need to be naked, rolling around in the grass.  There will be a shift in priorities, an opening of hearts, a falling away of empty searchings.  Instead of going to the gym to work out, someone will make it a priority to get to an open space on the earth and spend some time.  This will provide energy as the gym did, but it will be a clean, pure energy that is infinitely more satisfying.  Instead of going to the mall, someone will go to their favorite tree and spend some time.  This will provide the same eager anticipation and then the resulting boost will be infinitely more satisfying.  We have all been searching, in our own ways, for the Love that awaits us.  We each try to fill our hearts with something, or mask our pain with some pursuit, numbing ourselves from the heart emptiness and raging thoughts that fill our minds.  Some of us are battered, tossed about and deep down we Know that Life is meant to be something more.  
Well get ready because here it comes!  YAY!  This planetary shift in consciousness is happening and many of us will be swept along in a critical mass of people that open their hearts and allow Universal Infinite Source of Love to flow into us.  Many of us have already been practicing, consciously connecting to this stream of Love that flows endlessly and abundantly.  “ … our new awareness of the spiritual is expanding … personally, through a kind of positive psychological contagion among people.  All that any of us have to do is suspend our doubts and distractions just long enough … ”  - Celestine Prophecy.  

 “ … the teachers and those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament … “ Daniel 12:3 (Firmament - Expanse or vault over the earth; sky)

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  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you. It makes my heart flow ❤️