Thursday, April 30, 2020

Is that True?

     The Byron Katie Inquiry book is really good and it has helped me a lot.  I like to add my own spin to things and make them as personal and true for myself as I can.  I think of it as translating.  I can feel when something is true for me.  When I have found a truth that cannot be shaken.  
     I like truth.  I believe in truth.  I believe that some things in this world of ours really are true.  I don’t think everyone needs to believe the things that I believe are true.  They can live and believe in any way that they desire.  When I believe something’s true, its my truth, Unshakable.  It serves me well, makes my life better because it is true.  I know there are things in life that we can count on.   
 (I think I’m healing.  I’ve been living with someone for 9 years now.  This person displays no integrity.  Nothing is true for him.  He thrives on confusion and if there is not confusion he is subtle and clever at creating confusion.  Its horrifying for me.  That’s why he is my greatest teacher.) 
     In the Inquiry book, she asks the question, “is that true?”.  Its meant to disarm our unconscious thinking and it works really well.   But I love truth and its tiring to always be breaking down my reality.  So I am practicing finding things that allow me to answer ‘YES’.
 Does Adamah Love me?  YES.  I know that that is true.  As much as he is able to Love another human, Adamah loves me.  
I believe in Love.  
What is true?  Love is all there is.  Love conquers all because Love is all there is and there’s not actually any conquering going on because Love always wins, its just a matter of time and perspective.  Love doesn’t really win because its not a competition.  Love is the only thing that exists.  Humans can cover up Love, they can turn away, close their eyes and their hearts, but that doesn’t change Love.  Love continues to flow just as it always has.  Is that true?  YES.  
 The sun comes up in the East.  Is that true?  YES.  The earth turns and when its dark out, the first place we see the sun is in the direction we have all agreed to call East.  
Cows are generous beings.  Is that true?  YES.  Generous: Liberal in giving or sharing.  Marked by abundance; ample.  
I am a good mother.  Is that true?  YES.  Its true because I decided it was true.  And I believe it every day.  I am doing the best I can.  My intention is to stay connected to my own source of Love.  That is the greatest gift I can offer the child, my own contentment and ability to find my inner peace and let that still small voice guide my life.  
Humans are good.  Is that true?  YES.  I know that each human begins exactly as it should.  Each human is connected to the Universal Infinite Source of Love and intends to follow that Source while on its earthly journey.  Many times, older humans teach the new human to pay attention to the other humans and disregard the inner Source of Love.  So people lose their way.  But they are good.  Each human, at any moment, can connect to their own inner Source of Love and receive inspiration.  The inspiration that comes from this source is always good and it lives inside each of us.  It gets covered up many times by fear.  The fear can look like anger or depression or anything but its always just fear.  
Fear is not the opposite of Love.  Love has no opposite.  Fear is what happens when someone turns away from Love, disconnects from the Infinite Source.
So Yes, it is true that humans are good.  

Infinity.  Is that true?  YES.  I believe in infinity.   

This rambling was inspired by my friendship with Adamah.  I’ve been going on and on about this Inquiry book and the other day I imagined him actually reading it and for the first time the whole thing seemed a bit simple to me.  And it is.  It needs to be because it address one common human struggle, the unconscious mind.  It feels good to spend some time thinking about things that are true.  I love believing in truth.  Clarity feels good.  I like to feel good.  I like to relax and just know that some things really are true.  

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  1. Good insights about truth and flowing love. ❤️ Thank you, Kari....Here is one of my favorite quotes about speaking the truth....“Do not oppose because in opposing the tenderness of the feeling level is crushed. That is why we say Speak the Truth but see that you are speaking delicately. Do not speak non-truth and do not speak in a non sweet way, so that the feeling is nourished.”
    — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi